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IP connectivity

Technical description

  • We provide the IP connectivity service on an optical backbone network, which is equipped with a unified DWDM technology.

  • 2,200 km of our own optical transmission routes for our customers represent above-standard services and maximum use of the possibilities offered by the optical backbone network.

  • Your technologies will be safe with us both in terms of access and operations. We provide power and cooling of your equipment using backed-up modern technologies.

  • Fire protection also meets the corresponding safety requirements. Everything is subject to strict control and permanent monitoring.

  • For the needs of customers, the staff of our monitoring centre, who can physically check or restart the device at any time, is available 24 hours a day.

Service parameters

  • Guarantee of individual service parameters
  • Quality SLA guarantee of at least 99.5%
  • Unlimited amount of transferred data
  • Possibility of housing technology in the Brno, Ivančice or Ostrava data centres, or in points along the entire network route
  • Billing options according to the set transmission capacity or according to actual consumption
  • Surveillance centre available 24/7/365

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